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Winter Tour 2023 Hosts Needed

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We are looking for 4 families to volunteer to host the 2023 Trotwood Manor West Neighborhood Winter Tour on Saturday, February 25th. All hosts will be reimbursed for as much money as we are able to collect from participants ($20 per person).

The evening will consist of stops at 4 houses in our neighborhood. Each house will be responsible for providing specialty drinks, beer, wine, and light appetizers. Each stop will be for an hour.

Update - We have three host families for the night! Thank you!

7:00 pm - The Patcher House (812 Westgate Dr.)

8:20 pm - The Scheuerle House (615 Trotwood Ridge Rd.)

9:40 pm - The Matvey House (520 Miranda Rd)

If you are willing to be a host, please contact Susan Van Cleve at 412-848-6075 or Thank you!!

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