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Stay Healthy

We hope that our neighbors are safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Thank you for reaching out to your neighbors and checking on their wellbeing. Between loneliness, anxiety, financial insecurities, health, and more... there is a lot that each of us are dealing with. While practicing social distancing, we ask that you still find ways to check in on your neighbors when you can - an email, phone call, or hello across the yard all make a difference. If we each check in with our neighbors two house up and down the street from us, we will cover a lot of ground together.

If you need a little more assistance, please contact us. We have many people in our community who are happy to run to the grocery store, deliver a home cooked meal, or just talk with you.

If you are willing to go an extra mile to help someone in our neighborhood, contact us as well. We will create a list of people who are willing to run errands, provide a meal, etc.

Thank you for continuing to keep our neighborhood a priority! Together, we can overcome anything! We look forward to restarting neighborhood gatherings as soon as possible.

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