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Looking for Event Coordinators & Board Members

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Trotwood Manor West Neighborhood Association


Keeping our neighborhood association going is important to many of us. It doesn’t have to take a huge commitment on any one person’s part. If more neighbors chip in, we’ll be able to keep more events running and incorporate fresh ideas. While Tracy is able to manage the website and Elisa is able to manage the treasury, we need more volunteers to play a role in coordinating events. You do not have to hold a formal “board member” role to plan an event. The following events will need volunteer coordinators to organize them this coming year. If there is something you’d like to see stay in our neighborhood, grab a friend and organize it! Committing to just one event only takes as much time and effort as you have to give. As treasurer, Elisa will help discuss costs and collect money when needed. Tracy will gladly add your announcement to our website. We’re here to assist, but we can no longer plan events on our own. We thank you in advance for pitching in over the coming year!

Events have included:

October: Harvest Party (coordinator needed)

This event can be anything you want it to be! It is typically hosted by families with young children and has included everything from costume parades to pumpkin painting. Weather and schedules can be tough in October, but if you’d like this event to return, feel free to plan it any way you like! This event should run at no additional cost to neighbors. Elisa will assist with reimbursing the host and Tracy will post an announcement once plans are made.

December: Unity Light-Up Night Stroll (Amanda McQuillan & Shelby Wherry)

Amanda McQuillan and Shelby Wherry have made this a beautiful event for neighbors of all ages. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year!

February: Winter Tour for adults only (Susan Van Cleve)

Oh, how we hope to see this one return! If you’ve never attended a TMWNA Winter Tour, it is the only kid-free night of the year and it is a fun way to get to know your neighbors. Because this event involves collecting money, Elisa will help with RSVP collections and will reimburse the hosts. Your role as coordinator will be to find volunteer host houses (3-4 hosts works best), arrange a schedule, and communicate the details with the neighborhood. Tracy will post an announcement once plans are made.

April: Egg Hunt (Jill Bower)

This event is typically hosted by a family with young children or teenagers who enjoy hiding the eggs. The association has loads of plastic eggs and will cover the cost of filler candy, coffee, and donuts. As the coordinator, feel free to stick with the traditional or break from the past and change it up any way you like. This event should run at no additional cost to neighbors. Elisa will assist with reimbursing the host and Tracy will post an announcement once plans are made.

May-August: Monthly Flamingo Fridays for all ages (Emily Collins & Jenn Morgan)

We’d be sad to see this one go! Flamingo Fridays are a great way to mingle with neighbors. There’s always a mix of ages, with teenagers chipping in to help out with younger children, while adults catch up and unwind. These nights are meant to be stress free. As coordinator, you’ll only need to find volunteer host families (usually three per summer) and arrange the dates. This event should run at no additional cost to neighbors. Elisa will assist with reimbursing the hosts and Tracy will post an announcement once plans are made.

September: Block Party for all ages (coordinator needed)

This event is always well-attended and a big hit. It’s also a lot of work and time for some new coordinators! Because there are many costs to take into consideration, Elisa will be happy to provide you with past spending analysis, contacts for vendors if desired, and will make payments and collect RSVPs. This can be coordinated by one person, but having two or three neighbors working together is advised. We’ve figured out the finances for this event, but we’re ready for somebody else to make the calls and do the planning!

Fall & Spring Wall Maintenance (Elisa Scheuerle)

Because the wall maintenance revolves around what finances are available, Elisa will continue coordinating these events. The turnout for our first cleanup day was so appreciated! We will plant grass and lay mulch at the walls at Harrogate & Ft. Couch in the fall. Hopefully, we’ll be able to better maintain and address all five walls once we have tackled those most in need.

Year-round: Welcoming New Neighbors We don’t need any one person to take on this task. This is a job for every single one of us! If you would like the association to formally welcome a new neighbor, email Elisa at and she will drop off a welcome letter as soon as possible. President (Ryan Morgan) Tracy will be stepping down as president. This is an official board position that will need to be filled at our annual meeting during the block party. We are looking for someone to help make sure that all of the above events and items are being tended to. The president will check in with the coordinator of each event to make sure everything is going as scheduled.

Please email Elisa at if you decide to coordinate one of these events or if you would like to add a new event to coordinate. We will update the website to reflect events in progress. Events that have no volunteer coordinators will not be held in the coming year.

With Gratitude,

Tracy Smith, President

Elisa Scheuerle, Treasurer

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